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Super Undies Waterproof Step-up Insert


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Step-up Inserts are designed to be used with ALL of our awesome potty training products! (Bedwetting Pants, Pull-on Potty Training Pants and Snap-on Potty Training Pants.) They are perfect for people who find they need more than just a tad more absorbency.

Daytime Potty Training Use - When just beginning to potty train, you can crafft your Super Undies into a reasonable diaper by using one or two inserts. Gradually as your child begins to understand the concept of potty training, you can reduce the step-up inserts accordingly, and increase the natural consequence that is so important in the potty training process.

Alternatively - Use Super Undies Potty Training Pants as they are originally supplied, and add a step-up Insert or two when heading out. This will increase the absorption of your training pants, and help prevent embarrassing "epic" accidents without compromising your "big kid undies" by going back into a diaper!

Nighttime Potty Training Use - Add to Bedwetting Pants. Use full length for girls and either full length or folded in half and put in front for boys. If more frontal absorbency is needed, use soaker pods in addition.

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