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Super Undies Pull-on Undies 2.0




Product Description

Don't let potty training get the better of you, fight back! 

Potty Training a toddler can only be done through few points every parent has to hit… 

 1. Your toddler MUST feel wet - This gives him an incentive to want to be changed, and not pee in the future (A.K.A. - Potty Train)

 2. Consistency - This is the job of the parents. Of course your toddler won’t remember to go all the time at first, so set an alarm and do what you have to! Consistency is Key. 

 3. Don’t be afraid! In the Boys Scouts there motto is Be Prepared. If you’re prepared than you have nothing to fear. You’ll know what can go wrong in potty training, and how to prevent it!

 Our Pull-on Undies 2.0 has the following features…

Waterproof Wetzone

Stretchy Side Tabs

Inner absorbency

Hidden pocket

 Common Questions Asked 

How many will I need?

It is standard to go through 6 pairs  of training pants a day while potty training. It is even better to have an extra pair of toilet training undies in the car, but at least have a change of clothes in the car. We have a kits available at different levels to help you in this process. 

 What size will I  need?  

Pull-on Undies 2.0 Sizing
    Waist     Legs     Rise     Age  















 Is this ALL I need to potty train? 

Yes, there are different things you can use to help make potty training more comfortable, but essentially all you need in a will to potty train, and potty training pants. 

 Can we just potty train naked?

Naked potty training is left for the experienced parents. You certainly can. but keep in mid that you need to up your game. Be more consistent and attentive than average and you can achieve potty training naked, but you slip, then it could mean your couch. There’s nothing worse than a tired husband coming home and sitting on a wet peed on couch.

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