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Sweet Pea Diapers

Sweet Pea Pocket Bib


Sweet Pea Bio-Liners Flushable Diaper Liners


Sweet Pea Bamboo Inserts (2pk)


Sweet Pea Cloth Diaper Keychain


Sweet Pea Pail Liner


Sweet Pea OS Cloth Diaper Cover


Sweet Pea Bamboo All-In-One Diaper


Sweet Pea Newborn Diaper Cover


Sweet Pea Prefold Diaper


Sweet Pea Wet Bag



Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers are one of the "most competitively priced multi-functional cloth diapers on the market. They have brought together all the benefits of cloth diapering; absorbent, soft, environmentally friendly, ease of use and styling, all the while maintaining, the best value pricing for your family!

Sweet Pea products are wonderful for your baby, convenient for you to use, great for the environmentally conscious and fantastic for your wallet!

Sweet Pea Diapers line includes quality, abosorbent cotton prefolds which can be used with our economicalone size diaper covers, if you prefer a more traditional approach to cloth diapers.  No fasteners needed!  Their one size diaper covers feature an easy to use snap closure system that holds the folded prefold diaper in place!

Looking for a diaper that you can simply put on and go!  Sweet Peas Pocket Diapers and AI3 Diapers give you the convenience of a disposable but they're washable.  You'll save time and money with this method of cloth diapering.

Accessories?  They've got those too!  From cloth diaper wetbags to flushable liners, cloth wipes to absobent inserts, they have something for every aspect of using cloth diapers!