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Why Choose Cloth?

Within the past several years, the demand for cloth diapers are on a rise. Parents are now choosing more eco-friendly, natural, more affordable ways to raise their children. Below are some of the benefits you receive from choosing to cloth diaper your children.



Choosing to cloth diaper can benefit your child in many ways. Many cloth diapers are organic and free of chemicals. Disposable diapers at times contain substances and chemicals which are believed to be harmful to your child. Many children have sensitive skin or are allergic to the chemicals causing them to break out in severe rashes. There are many health benefits when choosing to use cloth diapers.



The amount of disposable diapers filling our landfills are staggering. Using cloth diapers are as convenient as disposables and more importantly better for our environment.



Families can save $1,500-$2,000 when using cloth diapers versus disposable diapers.